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Fall Schedules Have Been Posted

Please go to our DartConnect League Page to see the Schedule.

Here is the lineup for our Fall 2022 Season. We have 16 teams in 3 Divisions:

Another Round - Captain: Sean Petty / Macleod Ale Brewing Co.

Judge, Jury & The Executioner - Captain: Antony Romero / Shadow Grove Brewing

MacKrakens - Captain: David Luther / Macleod Ale Brewing Co.

Paw-Ken Corkers - Captain: Adan Galindo / Shadow Grove Brewing

Robins' Archers - Captain: Curtis Pierpont / Robin Hood British Pub

Terton Craft - Captain: Dimple Ranches / Macleod Ale Brewing Co.

Darts Till Dawn - Captain: Tom Clark / Shadow Grove Brewing

Darty Deeds - Captain: Alejandro Gonzalez / Macleod Ale Brewing Co.

FADA Bing - Captain: John Baehr / Residuals Tavern

Foxy Darts - Captain: Angela Rourke / Fox and Hounds

Little Johns - Captain: Ron Tuttle / Robin Hood British Pub

Regular Human Bartenders - Captain: Michael Monarrez / Shadow Grove Brewing

Dart Vaders - Captain: Andrew Lopez / Shadow Grove Brewing

The Dartnado's - Captain: Brian Ades / Residuals Tavern

The Prodigals - Captain: Tom Rowland / Pickwick's Pub

Them Stooges Be Trippin' - Captain: Larry Zuckerman / Shadow Grove Brewing

Thanks to all of our Captains for putting the effort into organizing a team!

Thanks to all of our Venues for hosting teams!

Captains when you are playing at home, please make sure to have printed Scoresheets (Scoresheets menu on the SCDA website) for your match, and to make sure you can login to DartConnect and find the season prior to the match start. Make sure to end the match and save it on DartConnect immediately following the end of the match. Also, make sure to email the Scoresheet aft the end of your match per the instructions on the page.

For anyone unfamiliar with our rules, please go to the Season Info page (on our website.) Our format and Rules (including when changes were made) are all posted there.

Shoot Well!

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