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Please check here for the rules and format for the SCDA Teams League. This information may change from season to season and will get updated here.



– 9-set format for A & B. 7-set format for C & D.


– Top 4 teams in each division make the playoffs, even if the division has more than 6 teams or an uneven number of teams.


– Seed for playoffs is determined by final regular season standings.


– For seed AND making playoffs, head-to-head record is first tiebreaker and leg win percentage is 2nd tiebreaker. This rule was new for the Summer 2022 Season.


– Third playoff tiebreaker is a coin flip. This rule was new for the Summer 2017 Season.


– Captains’ Mutual Decisions: Captains may make binding decisions in a given match if mutually agreed upon by both captains unless otherwise prohibited by SCDA league rules.This rule was new for the Summer 2018 Season.


– Match Start Time: Match start time is 7:30PM. If no player from a team is present by 7:45PM, that team forfeits the match. If only one player from a team is present, the match must start at 7:45PM with that player skipping every other turn in doubles and forfeiting singles matches as dictated by the rules. If a second player arrives, they may start to play at the conclusion of the current leg being played. Captains may not agree to deviate from this rule or delay the start of the game. Matches may start prior to 7:30PM if mutually agreed upon by both captains.This rule was new for the Summer 2018 Season.


– Time Allowances: The maximum time allowed per 3-dart-turn is 3 minutes. The maximum time allowed between legs in a set is 1 minute. The maximum time allowed between sets is 5 minutes. This rule was new for the Summer 2018 Season.


– Playoff Home Venue scheduling conflict resolution: If two teams both have home advantage at the same venue where there is not the possibility to play at the same time, the team with the better record (using the same tiebreaker rules as seed & playoffs) will retain use of that location. The other team(s) may reschedule with the approval of the other team & location, or choose an alternate location that must be a venue that sponsors a team for the current season, and meets the approval of the board. This rule was new for the Summer 2017 Season.


– Board assignments at locations with multiple matches are to be determined by venue owners/mgrs.





– Dues must be paid prior to start of 1st match. Dues are $100 per team, per season. You can pay Dues online at This rule was new for the Summer 2022 Season; edit Spring 2023


– All dues must be paid through the online portal. Please see the website This rule was new for the Summer 2017 Season; edit Summer 2022.


– There are no more Alternate fees. An Alternate can play the first two matches for free. Upon playing their 3rd match, they become a full-time member. This rule was new for the Summer 2017 Season; edit Summer 2022.


– Alternates may play for 2 different teams in their 1st and 2nd matches ONLY. The 3rd time an alternate plays can only be for one of those 2 teams and the alternate will then become a full-time player for that team ONLY. A new alternate may not play in the last two weeks of the season.

– Alternates must be off a similar skill to the rest of the division they will be playing in. It is up to the Captain of the team they are playing for to verify this eligibility. A match may be designated as a forfeit if there is an obvious violation or gross misconduct as it pertains to the spirit of the League's Code or Conduct as it pertains to this rule. Violation will be determined by a comparison to the rest of the division averages, previous history of Alternates division skill level and known history of the Alternates' level of play in question.. This rule is new for the Spring 2024 season.





– Corking order for each set is determined by: Home, Loser, Away. Every Leg is corked.


– Only players scheduled in that set may cork. Regardless of which player throws for the cork, any player scheduled to play in that set may start the game for their team.


– The Scorer must be present at the board prior to either team throwing for the cork.


– Only the Scorer may determine a re-throw. No players, whether corking or not, may approach the board to assist or clarify. If the Scorer cannot determine a winner, a re-throw will be made with the 2nd thrower now throwing first.


– The dart must remain in the scoring area of the board in order to count. If the dart falls or bounces out, or lands in the non-scoring area of the board, the thrower will re-throw until the dart remains in the scoring area (only when “Corking”). If the 2nd thrower dislodges the dart of the 1st thrower, a re-throw will be made with the 2nd thrower now going first.


– The 2nd thrower may request a Single or Double Bull be pulled upon acknowledging with the Scorer what was thrown, or the dart may be left in the board. Once a thrower makes the decision to leave a Single or Double Bull in the board, all subsequent darts by BOTH throwers must remain in the board until both throwers have exhausted all 3 darts and retrieving them is necessary to continue the Cork.


– IN A DIVISION ONLY: All corking rules for A Division will remain the same with the exception being:

  1. A Single or Double Bull must be scored in order to win the cork; and

  2. Once the Scorer has acknowledged a thrower’s score, the Scorer will remove that dart from the board prior to the next thrower’s turn (i.e., no dart will be thrown for the cork while any other dart is in the board.)This rule was new for the Summer 2017 Season





– DartConnect: All SCDA matches must be scored using DartConnect.This rule was new for the Summer 2018 Season.


– A Scorekeeper must be present at the scoreboard/tablet at all times during a match INCLUDING DURING CORKING.


– The scorekeeping must be done at the board, with the scoreboard/tablet next to the board so that it is visible to the thrower.


– All scores are to be verified with the Scorer BEFORE removing one’s darts from the board. Corrections must be made PRIOR to the next player’s turn.


– Only the player retrieving their darts from the board and the Scorer are allowed in front of the oche. If a score needs to be corrected, it is to be done quietly, and civilly as to not disrupt adjacent matches. There is to be no “gathering” of players at the dartboard or scoreboard.


– If there is a problem with electronic scoring, and the problem cannot be fixed quickly and quietly at the scoring area, the electronic scoring device must be brought back behind the oche for corrections. There is to be no “gathering” at the electronic device in the scoring area. If the device needs to remain plugged in, in order to maintain power, then one person only may QUIETLY assist the Scorer.


– Home team chalks odd sets. Away team chalks even sets.


– If a team only has two players present, those players MAY coach each other while chalking as long as it doesn’t interfere with the flow of the game, or with one’s opponents, or with any adjacent games. This rule is meant to give a two-man team the same advantage the other team has during chalking. This is a privilege and if teams abuse this privilege they will lose it. Teams w/ 3 or more players present are NEVER allowed to coach while chalking.


– If a team only has two players present, those two players may alternate scorekeeping in doubles and team games, but no player may record their own score.





– It is the responsibility of the Home Captains for each venue to make sure their home location is of an acceptable standard for SCDA play. Please take into consideration the lighting, correct oche distance, board height and scorer’s safety among other things. Players should also be reminded that this is an amateur league and there is probably a complaint that could be made for every venue we currently play at. We want to have more locations available for darts, not less – please be reasonable. Captains with a legitimate complaint can contact the SCDA Board at: “

– Contact the Board if you are attempting to play out of a new venue (has not sponsored an SCDA team prior.) Any new location will need to be approved for playability and geographic location in relation to there league teams.





– Match Dates: All matches are to be played on Monday nights at the Home team’s venue as scheduled by the league. Matches may NOT be rescheduled or played at another venue. Exceptions will only be granted by the Board in cases of extreme circumstance. Captains may not agree to deviate from this rule. This rule was new for the Summer 2018 Season.


– A forfeit equals loss of all sets and legs that would have been played in the match (SETS 9-0; LEGS 17-0 for A & B, SETS 7-0; LEGS 13-0 for C & D).



–Match Format: The match must be played in the order as stated on each division’s score sheet. This rule was new for the Summer 2018 Season; edit Summer 2022.


– There are two versions of the Score Sheet used for regular season play. One for A & B and another  Score Sheet used for C & D. There is a variation used for each for playoffs with space to record player information for the purpose of creating awards. Edit Summer 2022.


– There is a place for Alternate’s information at the bottom of the Score Sheet. Please include Name, Phone # and Email. See PLAYER CONDUCT below regarding Player Agreement forms.


– The score sheet is to be filled out by the AWAY team first, and then the HOME team may match up. The score sheet may be filled out set-by-set, or all at once.


– The first AND last name of players must be listed in their first set of the match.


– Players not present may not be listed on the Score Sheet. (This is not a rule change; it is a current rule in the rule book that most players likely don’t know about and will be enforced from now on.) This rule was new for the Summer 2018 Season.


– No one player may participate in more than one singles game of the same format. I.e., one player may NOT play in two Singles 501 games, or two Singles Cricket games. One player MAY play in one Singles 501 AND one Singles Cricket.


– We are a two-player-minimum-league. Teams may have as many players as they’d like. In lieu of a forfeit due to missing players, a single player MAY play a match by themselves, but they forfeit one Singles 501 games AND one Singles Cricket game, and every other turn in doubles and team games.


– The same two players may play any and all doubles & team games.

– For the Team game, the team with the fewest # of players may use ANYONE who played during the match (but no longer must use EVERYONE that played during the match,) and the team with the most players may reduce down to that # if they choose. If using DartConnect, you will have to play as Home/Away instead of using player names if there is an uneven number of players for each team. (IE: For Team Game only; 2 playing on the Home team and 3 playing on the Away team.) It is still the option for the team with more players to reduce down as detailed above; this is not a requirement for any team regardless of the desires of the team with fewer players. This rule was new for the Summer 2017 Season.


– Team Game: A & B Division Team Game (set #9) is now: best two-out-of-three Team Chicago. Each leg must be played with a minimum of two players, with no maximum limit of players. Each leg can have different players/number of players than the other legs. Participating players may be chosen at the start of each leg. All team games that do not use the same two players for all legs in the set must be scored on DartConnect as Home/Away.This rule was new for the Summer 2018 Season.


– The only All-Stars that are recorded on the Score Sheet are Ton80, R9, 6B and 170 double in or out. Please indicate if it is the first time a player has hit one of these 4 All-Stars. The SCDA will no longer be maintaining a separate All-Stars page. All-Stars will only be available for matches scored on DartConnect via the Leaderboard and only the All-Stars that DartConnect records. The All-Stars for the team game will not be recorded unless each team uses the same number of players.





– A player must have played in at least 3 regular season matches for a given team to be eligible for playoffs.


– No new players allowed in the last 2 weeks of the regular season.


– A forfeit in the PLAYOFFS gives the Opponent and automatic win and does NOT allow the next team in the standings to move up.


– If only 1 player from a given team is available for a Playoff Match, they have 3 options:

  1. Forfeit the match. Opponent automatically wins and moves on.

  2. Play by themselves following the above stated rules for single players.

  3. Draft a playoff-eligible player from their division or lower, whose team did NOT make the playoffs. However, this process, AND the player chosen, must be approved unanimously by all 3 captains of the 3 other playoff teams in that division.





– Complaints about Player conduct must be relayed between Captains. If one player has an issue with another’s behavior, they are to convey the issue to THEIR captain, who will then immediately address the issue with the misbehaving player’s captain. It is the responsibility of ALL CAPTAINS to ensure proper sportsmanship and etiquette from all of their players. If the inappropriate behavior is not corrected, the opposing team may file a protest by writing MATCH UNDER PROTEST on the signature line of the score sheet. Regardless, all inappropriate behavior must be reported IMMEDIATELY to The Board by the captains of BOTH teams. The Board will then discuss and address the issue with the captains of both teams.

– By participating in any SCDA event (including but not limited to league) all Players and Alternates must agree to abide by our Code of Conduct. It can be found online here:


This rule was edited for the Summer 2022 Season to eliminate a signed agreement.

– Home captains must TEXT or EMAIL final score sheet to “” (NOT TO immediately following your match!!! This rule was new for the Fall 2017 Season

– Results and Standings will be posted by no later than end of day Friday of that week whenever possible.

– Get to know and use the website:! Almost all the information you need is there. The SCDAs official means of communicating with the league is by email. Please make sure to save “” in your contacts.


Contact a Board Member for a password to the league directory.

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