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Finals Schedules are Posted

Congrats to the winners of their matches last week. Here are the Finals pairings:

A Division

Paw-Ken Corkers at MacKrakens playing at MacLeod

Terton Craft at Robins' Archers playing at Robin Hood


FADA Bing at Darty Deeds playing MacLeod

Mensches at Regular Human Bartenders playing at Shadow Grove


More Scotch at Darts Till Dawn playing at Shadow Grove

Them Stooges Be Trippin' at The Prodigals playing at Pickwick

You can see the scheduled Finals matches on DartConnnect.

Please note one new change for this season, For awards plaques, if your team would like to receive them, please complete the online form that is posted on the League website home page. We will no longer be using a separate score sheet for the finals to collect this information. If you don't complete the form, no plaques will be created for your team.

Also, please take a moment to review our code of conduct and our rules and format of play on our website. Captains, please make contact with your team to confirm they know when and where to play, and it's a good idea to confirm with the other team Captain prior to the match. Let's make sure we are creating an environment that is fair and fun for all.

ALSO: The 2023 Summer Season start on May 22nd! Get signed us ASAP please! We are starting before Memorial Day this year, so there are only TWO WEEKS between seasons.

WEEK 1: 5/22

WEEK 2: 6/5

WEEK 3: 6/12

WEEK 4: 6/26

WEEK 5: 7/10

WEEK 6: 7/17

WEEK 7: 7/24

WEEK 8: 7/31

WEEK 9: 8/7

WEEK 10: 8/14

SEMI: 8/21

FINAL: 8/28

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