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Happy New Year! 2023 marks another milestone

for the SCDA: 60 YEARS of league darts, and we are really excited about what's in store. But before we celebrate the new year, let's first tip our hats to the winners of the Fall '22 season:

In C division, Prodigal Sons held on to 3rd, while Dart Vaders overcame the top seeded Them Stooges Be Trippin', to take the first-place award. Well done Vaders!

In B division, all 3 top seeded teams held their regular-season positions to the end, with FADA Bing taking 3rd, Regular Human Bartenders finishing 2nd, and Darty Deeds earning first place.

And in A division, all 3 teams held their regular-season positions as well, with Paw-Ken Corkers locking up 3rd, Robins' Archers moving up to a long-awaited 2nd place (they finished 3rd every season since 2015,) and Judge, Jury & Executioner earned a well-deserved first place.

Congratulations to all 9 award winners!

The 2023 dart league calendar has been posted ( on the SCDA website. There are quite a few “Holiday Bye” nights scheduled throughout the year. Please look it over, so you can consider league nights in any future travel plans you may have.

Our Spring '23 season starts later this month, on January 23rd. You can sign up your team by going to and Clicking the “Buy Now” button AND THEN filling out the form to enter your team info. You will need to have a credit card or PayPal account ready at sign up. Teams will need to pre-pay their Team Fee to be listed on the current schedule. The sign-up DEADLINE is midnight, January 20th. Schedules will be posted on the website by Sunday, 22nd.

The “Team Fee” payment format allows each team to have unlimited players on their roster, and players can be added during the season (through week 8) without having to pay any additional fees. The Team Fee for this season is $100. We strongly encourage each team to have a minimum of 4 players on their team. This allows players to continue playing for the same $25 per person ($100 divided by 4) per season that we have become used to all these years. And it will minimize forfeits due to player absence, which occurred way too many times this past season. It's no fun showing up to a match and not being able to play, just because the other team can't field enough players.

Some final notes: We will have a mid-season event on March 6th at MacLeod Ale Brewing, and it looks like the annual, California State League Championships are going to resume this May. More info on these will be announced when further details become available.

Curtis Pierpont


Southern California Darts Association

PS. You can join our Facebook group or follow us on Instagram @scdaleague

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