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Schedule Changes for Mid-Season Tournament 10/23

PLEASE READ THIS WHOLE POST IF YOU ARE PLAYING THIS SEASON! We have two changes regarding this season's schedule: 1. We are updating the schedule to include a Mid-Season Parity Tournament on Monday, October 23rd at MacLeod Ale at 7:30 PM. To accommodate the change: Week 4 moves one week earlier to October 9th Week 5 moves one week earlier to October 16th. There are no other changes to matchups or scheduling. THIS MEANS THERE WILL BE NO BREAK FOR COLUMBUS DAY NEXT WEEK ON OCTOBER 9TH. The schedule for Monday, October 2nd remains unchanged. (If you have not participated in this event before, it is a free to play doubles tournament where we match players to attempt to make even skill level teams. We also have an awards ceremony for the previous seasons. There are cash prizes and anyone that has played in the SCDA League in the current season or any of the past three seasons is welcome. Pre-registration is required, and details will be forth-coming to sign up.) 2. Because of Pickwick's early closing time, The Prodigals in B Division are moving their home venue to Corbin Bowl. THIS WILL NOT CHANGE DATES OF MATCHES. The only change is where The Prodigals will play their home matches. Both changes are reflected on DartConnect on the schedule.


REMINDER THE DEADLINE TO SUBMIT YOUR TEAM INFORMATION TO RECEIVE ANY AWARD PLAQUES BY THE MID-SEASON TOURNAMENT ON 10/23 IS MONDAY OCTOBER 2ND IF YOU HAVE NOT ALREADY DONE SO. If you would like to get awards plaques for your team, Captains must fill out the form with your team's player information HERE. If you didn't make this cutoff, no problem, you just will not get awards at this mid-season event. If you filled out the awards information on paper on the Finals Scoresheet, an award will not be made for you. Here are the entries we have so far. If your team is not listed here, we don't have your info, and we can't get you an award to present at the Mid-Season Tournament on October 23rd. Fall 2022 FADA! Bing Darty Deeds Spring 2023 Them Stooges Be Trippin FADA Bing! MacKrakens Darty Deeds Darts Till Dawn Summer 2023 Eight Feet Eyes The Weasels The Prodigals Jordan Manila Darts Till Dawn

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