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Semi-Finals 12/12/22

Here is the schedule for the semi-finals:

A Division

Another Round (4) at Judge, Jury and the Executioner (1) playing at Shadow Grove Brewing

Paw Ken Corkers (3) at Robins' Archers (2) playing at Robin Hood British Pub

B Division

Darts Till Dawn (4) at Darty Deeds (1) playing at Macleod Ale Brewing Co

FADA Bing (3) at Regular Human Bartenders (2) playing at Shadow Grove Brewing

C Division

Dartnados (4) at Them Stooges Be Trippin (1) at Shadow Grove Brewing

The Prodigals (3) at Dart Vaders (2) at Shadow Grove Brewing

Note: There are four matches at Shadow Grove and there will be four boards set up.

Shoot Well!

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