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Due to some time constraints and lack of volunteers we are making some schedule changes to allow for the new league format changes, since this is the inaugural season for these changes. We are moving the start of the Summer Season this year to June 17th and we are eliminating one round of playoffs.


The new season dates will be:


New format announced and registration begins - 6/4

New Player orientation* - 6/10

Registration cutoff - 6/14

Week 1 - 6/17

Week 2 - 6/24

Week 3 - 7/1

Week 4 - 7/8

Week 5 - 7/15

Week 6 - 7/22

Week 7 - 7/29

Week 8 - 8/5

Week 9 - 8/12

Week 10 - 8/19

Finals - 8/26

* NEW PLAYER ORIENTATION June 10th 2024 - Starting at 7:30 PM at Shadow Grove Brewing in San Fernando. For ALL NEW PLAYERS THAT HAVE NOT PLAYED IN THE SCDA, are looking to be assigned to a team, or who have already formed or joined a team. If you are looking to become a Captain, you MUST ATTEND. All first time Captains MUST ATTEND. We will go over the basics of the format, corking, chalking, Captain's responsibilities etc.


By eliminating the semi-finals, this means the top 2 teams in each division will be the only teams in the playoffs and will compete with each other for 1st and 2nd place. This will put more focus on your regular season record and hopefully inspire all players to show up and all matches to get played. Also, we often have forfeits in our 3rd place matches.




Changes are being made in the league structure in an effort to reduce the cost barrier to allow more people to play darts and encourage growth in the league.


In order to achieve this we will reduce seasonal team fees, offer payouts to higher skill level divisions and update match format to make for a shorter match for lower level players.


The scheduling process will be as follows, in this order:

  1. Register your proposed team keeping in mind the league may not approve of certain players in certain divisions and reserves the right to propose a change or player move in order to have skill levels as equal as possible throughout the division

  2. The League will reach out to Captains with changes and Division assignments

  3. Captains go in to pay fees for the appropriate division they have been assigned to

  4. Season schedule gets posted


There will be a $20 admin fee per season for new teams or for teams that make the following changes:

  • Forming a new team

  • Assigning a new captain to an existing team

  • Moving an existing team to a new venue

  • Changing a team name


If changes are required add a one-time $20 admin fee per team regardless of how many changes needed. THERE WILL BE NO ADMIN FEES for Summer of 2024 as we restructure.


$65 season fee for A Division with $20 to a prize pool (payout 1st place)

$55 season fee for B Division with $10 to a prize pool (payout 1st place)

$45 season fee for C Division with no prize pool

$20 season fee for D Division with no prize pool ($20 only, no admin fee)


There will be a maximum of 6 teams per division. This would create the optimal 10 week schedule where each team plays the other twice, with no bye weeks.


Based on the end of season results, the top team in B will move to A, the bottom team in A will move down to B.


Changes have been made to C Division to shorten the match length.


D Division is for extremely new, inexperienced players to play an extremely shortened format.


If any division has enough player demand to grow to 8 teams, we will separate the division into east and west and have one championship playoff event per season (add one week per season where the winner of each division plays each other, playoffs would then be 3 weeks total if this happens.) This is designed to encourage league growth by requiring less driving distance weekly.


Players can only play in D Division for ONE SEASON with the exception to mentoring Captains based on league discretion.


The team season fees work out to only $4.50 per week. At $2.25 a week per player even on a two player team, this is designed to be extremely affordable. 



Payout of the prize pool is to 1st place of A and B Divisions. The prize pool will be paid out to the team Captain (or representative of the team as nominated by the Captain,) who will be responsible for distributing to the team as they see fit. The appropriate tax forms will be filed where required by law and payouts will not be made unless the appropriate taxpayer information is provided to the league.




The league will assign new players that inquire about joining the league to teams if they are unable to find a team or form their own team.


The team captain does not need to keep any player assigned to them or otherwise beyond one season.


The league reserves the right to break up teams that have players whose skill level is too far apart to place them in an appropriate division. 




The league will no longer provide plaques for teams, individuals or venues. If a player or venue wants a plaque, they will have to purchase one directly from the league’s new supplier Anderson Trophy in North Hollywood. This company has our template so that all awards have the same format. At the time of this writing the cost per plaque is $21.10. The last season that will receive awards at league expense is Spring 2024.




The league will no longer provide payouts for the Mid-Season Tournament. The buy in will now be $10 per player. Any player that wishes to play may participate; there is no longer a requirement to have played in the SCDA at any time.


The tournaments will now be blind-draw doubles format instead of parity.


These tournaments will serve as recruiting/meet and greet events for new players.


There will be a 24 player minimum and payouts will go to the top 4.


The SCDA will provide first place trophies for the winning pair.




A and B Divisions play format will remain unchanged from previous seasons. We will no longer use a “Finals” score sheet for any division (the one that included a place for names of players to create plaques.)


Changes to C and D divisions are designed to shorten the match length in order to:

  • Allow league play at more venues that have earlier closing times

  • Make for a more casual style of league play for beginners and players that are not interested in advancing their skill level

  • Appeal to a wider audience to increase interest in league darts


All singles games will be eliminated from C and D divisions. The new format will be:


C Division (7 set maximum, first to win four sets in the winner of the match; the match ends when one team wins its 4th set):

  • Set 1 - Doubles Chicago - Best of 3

  • Set 2 - Doubles Chicago - Best of 3

  • Set 3 - Doubles 501 - 1 Leg

  • Set 4 - Doubles 501 - 1 Leg

  • Set 5 - Doubles Cricket - 1 Leg

  • Set 6 - Doubles Cricket - 1 Leg

  • Set 7 - Team 501 - 1 Leg


This format will result in a minimum of 6 legs per night and a maximum of 11 legs.


D Division is a shortened format in order to make it easy for new players to try league darts.


D Division (5 sets - all single in / single out ‘01 games; play all 5 sets):

  • Set 1 - Doubles 501 - 1 Leg

  • Set 2 - Doubles Cricket - 1 Leg

  • Set 3 - Doubles 501 - 1 Leg

  • Set 4 - Doubles Cricket - 1 Leg

  • Set 5 - Doubles 501 - 1 Leg


D Division matches will play all 5 legs each night.

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