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Please scroll down to "To Sign Up for a Season" and get yourself signed up ASAP for the Summer Season that starts 5/22. Because of the short turn-around between seasons WE WILL EXTEND THE DEADLINE TO SUBMIT YOUR TEAM TO TOMORROW WEDNESDAY MAY 17th. You only need to have a commitment from the Captain and 1 other player to field a team. PLEASE DO NOT WAIT TO COMPLETE THIS if you know you are going to have a team and have secured your home location.

Congrats to the winners of the Spring Finals!

A Division

1st Place: MacKrakens

2nd Place: Paw-Ken Corkers

B Division

1st Place: Darty Deeds

2nd Place: FADA Bing

3rd Place: Mensches

C Division

1st Place: Darts Till Dawn

2nd Place: More Scotch

3rd Place: Them Stooges Be Trippin

Don’t forget that if you want to receive awards plaques for the Spring Season, you need to fill out the online form:

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